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      Offering the best working, and show, German bred Rottweiler puppies for sale to the world, since 1989!

one of our kennel line females, Jazzy Vom Haus Gruver!

                          german rottweilers, rottweiler 

We have from our imports German Rottweiler puppies for sale, and from our Rottweiler kennel lines.

Vom Hause Gruver German bred Rottweiler puppies for sale!

You can see young Rottweilers  on the for sale page. Memories of our past Rottweilers, letters from customers, Frequently Asked Questions, and a links page to other Rottweiler related sites, we also have our puppies contract online.

Our imports, and kennel line Rotties!

 Our Girls!

dunja vom hause gruver  jessy vom gruver haus  German import luder von der goldquelle  German Rottweiler perle von der goldquelle  German Rottweiler zecke vom hause anin

 Our Boy, and stud dog!

 German Rottweiler import apollo von der backerei 

  Puppies for sale!    Rottweilers for sale!

german bred rottweiler puppies for sale    young rottweilers for sale


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Vom Hause Gruver
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info on German Rottweiler sale

Vom Hause Gruver Rottweilers LLC (previously know as Vom Gruver Haus Rottweilers) we have been exclusively Rottweilers since 1989. Before 1989 we had Doberman Pinchers. We only deal with the best Imported European lines. We have the top working & show lines in our Dogs. Rottweiler puppies for sale! Our Puppies have been shipped all over the world, and have gone on to become champions of their countries, multiple countries (international champions), and just about every type of working field there is for dogs. Some of our puppies accomplishments include Therapy dog, Search & Rescue, Bomb detection, Narcotics detection, Police k-9, All levels of obedience competition, and of course SchutzHund. We have all our Rottweiler imports German Ahnentafels (pedigrees) on line for you to see. Half of our Rottweilers are Imports (Apollo Von Der Backerei, Luder Von Der Goldquelle, Perle Von Der Goldquelle, and Zecke Vom Hause Anin) and all our Kennel lines (Dunja , Jazzy, Jessy, Kato, and Roxie ) go back to a female German Rottweiler import out of Doc Von Der Teufelsbrucke. Our Rotties in the past have included dogs that were Multi V and V-1 Rated in the show ring, V-1 in Canada under the ADRK head breed warden, Champion of Countries, SchutzHund I, II, and III's, ZTP's (German breed test), competed in SchutzHund Competition trials, the first Rottweiler to earn an AD (endurance dog) in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Our current Rottweilers accomplishments include 2007 Hungarian Youth Sieger, Multi V-1 in show rings, ZTP's (German breed test), VPG (SchutzHund) I, II, and III, and  Zecke Vom Hause Anin the ONLY female in the US that is Multi SchutzHund III, and IPO. III. We are in our 4th generation of our kennel lines. Our females (imports and kennel lines) are always bred to Rottweiler imports. This is were you get the true and complete German Rottweiler puppy. A lot of breeders out there don't even have a kennel line of any generations (sad to say).  We don't buy imports, breed them for a couple of litters, then put them up for sale to get another import, like a used car salesman. We select our dogs buy their pedigree, and keep them to breed with our kennel lines. The other reason is because they haven't been in the breeding of Rottweilers for very long. We are into our 4th generation of kennel lines, it has taken 20 years to get to that! How can someone offer a top quality puppy and not know how it will turn out as an adult? We know what our kennel line produces, and other lines in Germany that will complement our kennel lines, to insure that we can offer the best German breed puppies now, and in the future to come!

The German bred Rottweiler has very high drives (lots of energy), is very intelligent (a quick learner), and is very athletic and muscular. The correct temperament of a Rottweiler (alert to all their surroundings, non aggressive, very affectionate, and is well suited in a family environment). In fact they will (if the situation calls for it), put there life on the line for a family member without hesitation. They are truly a unique breed of dog. Once you own one, there is no other breed!


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We have puppies available. To find out what we have please visit our Puppies page. If you have any questions on what's available, please call. Thank you Vom Hause Gruver. All Pictures and information, is the property of, "Vom Hause Gruver Rottweilers LLC". Home to true working, and show Rottweilers!

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